Friday, May 29, 2009

Mistakes can be good!

Here is a fine example of how I made the best of a frustrating situation. I had carefully designed and planned out these great hoop earrings. After making the matching pair and trying them on, I realized that they were HUGE! I was pretty sure no one in their right mind would attempt to make a fashion statement with them.

I was so irked that I had spent a huge chunk of time on these and I tossed them into the reject box. A few days later I took another look at them and figured I had nothing to lose by trying to tweek my design a little bit so I could actually sell it.

I decided something this big would only work as a centerpiece for a necklace. When I found a great sterling silver acorn charm for the end of the clasp that sealed the deal! I proceeded with my new design and to my surprise it came out great! I figured it was Etsy worthy so I put it up for sale.

Here is the link:


amberdark said...

You make the most beautiful jewelry I have every seen. I want my own collection. My husband bought me a pair of your earrings and I'm still working on getting more!!!!

Amy Olson Jewelry said...

this is gorgeous! you make lovely jewelry-