Friday, August 14, 2009

Lulu and the Peacock



My beaded Lulu bracelet has found it’s way onto the “Around Town/Fashion” section of the NBC Bay Area website!  Thanks to Marie C. Baca.

I had a great time making this bracelet.  The colors are just amazing and I fell more and more in love with it as it progressed.  I also loved creating the copper clasp.  Finding the right Deco pattern for it was the best part.  I looked at      a lot of 1920’s architecture and found so much inspiration.

I hope I did Louise Brooks justice because she was absolutely stunning!

No one has purchased Lulu yet, I’m assuming it’s because of the price.  Unfortunately I have to price the bracelets that high because of the time that went into it.  Each bracelet takes about 30-40 hours of work.  And each is totally one of a kind.    I have a few more that I need to put clasps on and hopefully soon, I can get them onto Etsy!

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Fruzsi said...

Your peyote is incredible!!Fantastic work!!!!